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A simple application for older phones. It allows to enter school timetable and have it always at hand.

It's my first mobile application and it's made in MidletPascal. I didn't want to learn Java at the time of implementation but I already knew Pascal and MidletPascal compiled Pascal code into Java bytecode to output a ready-to-use midlet for cellphones.


  • 13 time slots a day in 5 weekdays
  • cutomizable lecture and break duration
  • settable name of lecture, times, lector, kind (lecture/practics...), classroom
  • supported languages: Slovak, Czech, English
  • resolution: 176x220
  • tested and working on Sony Ericsson phones: k700, k750, d750, w800

IMPORTANT: some antivirus softwares "detect" a virus in JAR files. It's because in the past there was a real virus written in MidletPascal but the code antiviruses detect is contained in all applications written in MidletPascal. This timetable application is clean, I guarantee 16

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