About Mek

... author of this web page

It would be nice to introduce myself since this is a personal web page.

I am just an ordinary man living in Slovakia. I am 37 years old and programming for a living (I am a software engineer as it is called officially). I graduated in applied informatics at the Faculty of management science and informatics, University of Žilina. I am more of a practical person, rather than an idealist, born under the sign of Pisces, despite me not believing in this astrological stuff. According to some kind of sociological categories, I am so-called type ISTJ-T - Logistician and, in fact, many things from description of this category apply to me.

In my free time, less often than in the past, I do programming since I have more than enough of it every weekday. One has to have time and the right mood. Rather than that, sometimes I go on a trip in nature to clear my head and I do a lot of geocaching. However, sometimes that is more complicated as I don't like travelling. Mostly I use a bike. I also enjoy resting at home, watching a movie, listening to music, reading books and solving crosswords. I am interested in electronics, hardware hacking, small repairs of all kinds and what cannot be repaired is disassembled for parts. My projects can be also found on this page under the Download section.

And why nick Mek? At the beginning, it was just MK, according to my initials, but that was too short, especially for registration on various web services. So I added letter E and I liked that nick so much that I am using it until now. Some people even call me that in real life.

You can find out more from what I like and dislike below.


Trance, chillout, eurodance, goa, classical

Pop(-rock), metal, rap, hip-hop, country


Thriller, sci-fi, action, comedy

Drama, biographic, musical, romantic


Fish, pizza, sheep cheese dumplings

Cabbage patches, semolina pudding


Stargate, The Simpsons, The IT Crowd, Bugs

Friends, Lost, HIMYM, 2 and half men


Water, tea, beer, white wine, vermouth

Red wine, hard liquors


Frontinus, Vlna

Expres, Fun, Europa 2


Indian summer

Winter and spring (mud everywhere)


3D FPS á-la Doom, Far Cry, Half-Life 2

Dota, C&C, Worms


Adidas, Edimax, MSI

Acer, Apple, Cisco, Sony, Toshiba



C, C++, AngularJS, TypeScript