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MyXWG - Android application

XWG is commonly called a collector wood geocoin - they are personalized with different themes among geocachers.

My collection has grown a little and I lost trace about how many I have, of which kind etc. It is useful to know mainly outdoors to find out whether to exchange the XWG with mine when I find an XWG - if it would be a duplicate in my collection or not. XWGs are widespread in Slovakia and Czech Republic, it is not common to see them in foreign geocaches.

I also wanted to learn Android programming a little so I made this simple application. You won't find it on Google Play because they require me to pay $25 despite offering it free of charge and without ads.

The following is saved for each XWG:

  • picture (it is taken when adding and then cropped inside the application)
  • owner nick
  • type: SWG, CWG, PWG, AWG
  • subtype: personal, event, other
  • year
  • date found (may be unknown)
  • comments

All data can be edited at any time, excluding picture. It all works completely offline - data is saved locally in the phone or SD card. Data folder can be set in the settings which allows for more than one collection and you can also share collections with friends this way.

MyXWG is independent of any "XWG catalogue", thus, it allows saving XWGs that are not in any catalogue for various reasons. It does not try to be a competition for any existing application of this kind, rather an alternative for those who like offline solutions.

Required system: Android API 15 (4.0.3 ICS) and higher. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Language support: Slovak, Czech, English. Language is used according to phone settings.


  • 3.0.0 - support for new Android and its permission policy, change of image cropping because the old one did not work under new Android OS
  • 1.0.0 - initial release

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