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CrySign Software

In this diploma thesis, my goal was to invent software allowing the use of mobile phone as a regular cryptographic token for digital singning and decryption using asymmetric cryptography. In PC, mobile phone is represented as a regular cryptographic token which is possible by using a standard PKCS#11 module (DLL file that can be loaded into any existing software supporting PKCS#11). Of course, private keys can never leave the token which only exposes an interface for operations using these.

Since at that time I had a mobile phone with OS Windows Mobile 6.1 and it supported .NET Framework, I chose to implement the software on this platform. Mobile part consists of software communicating with PC by regular Ethernet network.

Supported operations:

  • decryption (using private RSA key)
  • digital signing
  • logon to web sites using personal certificate
  • RSA key generation inside token (mobile phone)

The first two were developed and tested on e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird, others on the Mozilla Firefox browser. I also tried Adobe Acrobat Reader which is said to support PKCS#11 but its implementation is buggy and does not follow the standard so it does not work there.

This is what you get by downloading:

  • PKCS#11 module for PC
  • software for Windows Mobile
  • user manual in CHM format (Windows Help) in English
  • text of diploma thesis in PDF format (in Slovak)

Sources are not included but I can send them upon request. PKCS#11 module is written in C++, mobile software in C# .NET.

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