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"The Castle" - map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

I have begun creating this map quite some years ago (maybe in 2006) when I liked RTCW very much and had time for it. But I did not have the opportunity to get into it again and was also frustrated by the many bugs RTCW as a game contains.

Originally I published this map because I believed it would be useful to someone, and it really was! Vincente Pasquino took it and reworked and polished it. It's a very nice map at the end and it was released in August 2018 in a map pack named Age of Horror. This map is fifth in this map pack.

I am going to leave this unfinished map here for archival purposes. See the screenshots and read the Readme file for more information. But if you want to play RTCW, I really recommend you get the Age of Horror map pack. Don't get disappointed by first maps, it gets better as you play.

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