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DirectConnect network (DC) is a P2P network where users can share and download files and chat using decentralized servers, called hubs.

User can search for files but only on the hubs he is currently connected to (usually no more than 10). However, there are hundreds of hubs in the network and it becomes hard to find rare files.

This application can download fresh hublist (list of public hubs) and search every one of them one by one, showing the results. You can then use a standard DC client (such as ApexDC++) to connect to a particular hub and download the file from the user sharing it. Searching only works in active mode which allows to gather the most results. Therefore, you need to enter your own IP address and UDP port number that has to be accessible from the internet. On this IP address and port search results will be received (this is how the DC protocol works).

Application is written in C# .NET and requires .NET Framework 4 to run. Source code is included.

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