Welcome to MekWeb - Mek's personal web page!

This is my personal web page. It was established as a means for sharing interesting things from my own production and from the internet as well.

Until recently, I was a student of the Faculty of Informatics and Management Science of the University of Žilina, study program Information Systems - Applied Informatics and I graduated successfully. My greatest hobby are computers, networks and things like that. Beside that, I like crossword solutioning - when I don't have the computer at my disposal. I have created some levels for games in the past - such Portal, and for older games Doom, Duke Nukem 3D or Prince of Persia. Sadly, I am not enjoying it so much anymore and don't have time for that as well. However, you can find all of my creations under the Download menu. There are screenshots where possible as well, so you don't have to download a pig-in-a-poke. Excuse my English, I am not a native English speaker, however, I am doing my best.

Life of working man has changed me to a considerable extent. In my free time, I mostly go outside instead of sitting home in front of the PC. That's why new creations from me on this page are scarce. I started geocaching in May 2012 and I like it a lot because it is a great activity that makes you go outside visiting places you might not have known.

I know this page doesn't look very professionally, but it isn't really intended to. I am just a programmer, I have very little feeling for art/graphics, so I did my best in this graphics layout. I have used a content management system I created a long time ago as my bachelor thesis.

I don't know what to write next (nobody reads opening texts anyway), so now I praise you for reading up to this point and you can browse my web page further. Just choose from the left-hand menu what you are interested in. If you'd really like, you can leave me your opinion in the guestbook. If not publicly, then at least privately, you can contact me through the usual contact channels listed under the Contact menu item. 

I hope this web page proves useful to you.

History of recent updates

14th May 2015 Finished and released my first Android application - MyXWG. More info in the Download section.
14th March 2015 Added some new jokes.
14th September 2014 Added paging to the trips.
1st January 2014 Added videos for all trips.
29th December 2013 Start and end of track points added for every recorded track in the Trips section.
27th December 2013 The guestbook is now open to non-logged in visitors as well.
26th December 2013 All my trips added to this page. Photos and vides for the trips (as clickable map images) will be added soon.
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