... Mek's creations and more

I offer mostly my own creations here.

However, there are also other files I wanted to share. I recommend 7-Zip to extract these files as it supports all archive formats and is free.

Detailed description and screenshots (if available) are opened if you click the heading of a download.

Software, programs

MyXWG - Android application1.52 MB
Application for geocachers who collect personal wood geocoins.
DcSearch266.86 KB
Searches for files on decentralized DirectConnect P2P network.
CrySign Software4.18 MB
My diploma thesis - mobile phone as a cryptographic token.
MSSQL Database Manager3.2 MB
It is a bit like SQL Server Management Studio.
Timetable80.97 KB
Java application for cellphones (v1.5)
Collection of 4 games in Turbo Pascal26.7 KB
Mini-games RPS, Keno 10, Frogs and Matches.
SimpleChat129.16 KB
Simple chat application in C for Linux-like systems.
MekDC87.22 KB
Web-based DirectConnect client in PHP for chat only.
Electric circuit diagramming tool496.71 KB
Program using GDI+ to draw schematics.
FileToHexArray20.67 KB
Little utility for programmers.
BlackScreen for PocketPC1006.51 KB
Turns off PocketPC screen.

Custom levels / maps for games

"Test Chamber 74" - Portal map11.88 MB
New puzzles in a bigger map for more skilled players.
Stroggos Supply Station - a single player map for Quake 29.15 MB
Big single player map with a simple story.
Deathmatch version of Quake 2 - Stroggos Supply Station8.22 MB
Multiplayer version of my Quake 2 map.
The Grammar School of Ludovít Štúr - a level for Duke Nukem 3D91.98 KB
Singleplayer map - whole first story of school building I used to visit.
"Street" - a level for Duke Nukem 3D63.96 KB
Singleplayer map - cinema, hotel, subway etc.
"DmatchMK" - a level for Duke Nukem 3D13.89 KB
Medium-sized map for deathmatch.
"Trenches" - a level for Duke Nukem 3D7.94 KB
Mini-level for fast deathmatch.
Wolfenstein 3D - my own version2.61 MB
All six episodes of new levels by me.
Wolfenstein 3D - Cover of Darkness919.2 KB
Wolfenstein 3D with my levels and new weapons, textures, enemies and more.
Supaplex levels87.6 KB
62 easy to medium Supaplex levels, solutions included.
Custom levels for Prince of Persia 110.6 KB
All 16 custom levels for this oldie.
Maps for Rise Of The Triad16.85 KB
2 singleplayer maps and 10 multiplayer maps.
"GreekTech" - map for Cube6.74 KB
Multiplayer map for game named Cube.
Caesar III maps219.31 KB
Five custom maps for Caesar III.
"MK-Noname" - level for Ultimate Doom169.12 KB
Medium-sized singleplayer level for Ultimate Doom or Doom 1.
"Castles" - map for Blood multiplayer45.04 KB
Multiplayer map for even number of players.
Scenarios for Transport Tycoon Deluxe393.62 KB
Flat-surfaced scenarios for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
My 1st level for Heretic (MK1)29.7 KB
The first of deathmatch levels for Heretic.
My 2nd level for Heretic (MK2)65.16 KB
The second of deathmatch levels for Heretic.
My 3rd level for Heretic (MK3)64.59 KB
The last (and best) deathmatch level for Heretic.

Level editors and editing utilities

QuArK - Quake Army Knife20.98 MB
Very cool and reliable map editor for Quake engine games.
Level editor for Wolfenstein 3D51.18 KB
Very simple but working editor.
RoomShaker484.09 KB
Level editor for Prince of Persia 1.
WinDEU editor399.34 KB
High-quality level editor for Doom 1, 2 and Heretic.
Build - level editor for Duke Nukem 3D1.6 MB
Pretty hard to use, but the only official editor for Duke Nukem 3D.
Mapedit - level editor for Blood378.15 KB
Level editor for Blood, with improvements against Mapedit used for Duke Nukem 3D.
Editor for Rise Of The Triad145.27 KB
16-bit map editor for Rise Of The Triad.
JFDuke3d780.44 KB
EXE files of Duke Nukem 3D ported to Windows.
Compilation tools for Quake 3-engine games1.47 MB
Compilation program called Q3Map2 needed to make maps for Quake 3-like games.
Compilation tools for Quake 2 and Half-Life317.64 KB
Important utilities for map compilation of older Quake games.

Other stuff

USB IR Remote with any remote control5.49 MB
How to build your own DIY IR remote over USB (schematics with Atmmel ATmega8)
Map layer of forest roads/paths for Locus246.21 MB
Transparent map layer for Locus (Android application) with forest roads and paths in Slovakia.
Waggon Habbins - a 3D model263.31 MB
3D Studio Max model including rendered video.
Icons in DLL library187.59 KB
All kinds of icons for Windows that I collected in this single DLL library.
Polyphonic ringtones1.22 MB
Hundreds of polyphonic ringtones in MID format.
Guide to playing RollerCoaster Tycoon without CD3.35 KB
A "no-cd play" guide in Slovak.
Humour1.13 MB
Some Slovak jokes and other fun stuff.